Explore a diverse range of wildlife habitat products right here.

Unitura is your dependable partner for environmentally friendly building solutions.

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We aim for maximum ecological quality

The maximum ecological quality of our products and services; that is our main focus. We face major challenges such as the energy transition and a significant shortage of housing. This can be both an opportunity and a threat to biodiversity. Unitura is happy to use these developments to increase biodiversity in the Netherlands.


We offer a wide range of products

Explore a diverse range of wildlife habitat products right here. Unitura is your dependable partner for environmentally friendly building solutions. Our selection includes nesting boxes, bat boxes, and insect shelters seamlessly integrated into any construction project. Opt for Unitura for top-notch quality and sustainability in eco-friendly building practices. Bat boxes are designed as artificial roosts to attract bats to areas without natural roosting spots. They come in various designs, from pre-made wooden boxes to integrated units that effortlessly blend into walls. Remember, each bat species has specific space needs.

  • Nature Conservation Act
  • Multiple bat boxes
  • Wide range of products
  • Temporary and permanent boxes
  • Customization possible


Socially responsible production

At Unitura we work with great passion on our dream every day; helping with the major renovation of Europe, so that nature-inclusive construction or renovation becomes a success. We do this by using our knowledge and expertise from ecology, architecture, construction and IT.

  • Design by and for ecologists
  • Sustainable materials (FSC)
  • Flexible through own production
  • Continuous product improvement

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“Thank you for providing a range of demo products for our team to review, it’s been really helpful to see the products in person. I am very pleased to say the boxes we ordered arrived well packaged and in one piece with 0 to minimal damage. The quality of both the wooden and wood-based concrete products look very good, with no sharp edges or cracks and high-quality fixings that ensure a very uniform and quality product.” -NHBS, 2024.

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